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Broken Home
  • Broken Home


    Broken Home

    Acrylic, resin on glass


    “Broken Home” was created on broken lamented glass finished in resin. First I destroyed the glass with a hammer. I started the painting on the backside, using reverse painting techniques to create the ocean. Then I began work on the front, painting the icebergs in the shards and angles of the broken glass. Like the ice cap, once solid and strong, now fragmented into pieces. The mother bear looks on encouraging her sole cub to keep up the journey as their home slips away under their feet. Broken Home encompasses the broken ice sheets, the broken landscape, habitat, ecosystem and also about broken relationship and loss due human induced climate change. Broken homes are often the result of the caretakers of that home, their neglect causing the home to degrade and fall to pieces, we are the caretakers of this home and it is our responsibility to be good stewards of this world that is as delicate as glass.


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