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  • Metamorphosis


    5 x 7"

    Mixed Media: Acrylic 

    Canson Archival Paper



    Painting is often akin to Life. Sometimes it's candy pink with velvety clouds of cream smeared on with smooth, rich strokes. Sometimes it's dark and gray with bruised purples, piling on, thick layers spread with a knife. Leaving its marks all over our bare canvas, a chronicle of experience. It's good to pause and evaluate. An excavation begins- scraping back, removing layers- searching for what lays beneath to determine what lies ahead. Finding courage to move forward, filling the voids and scratches with a fresh coat of paint. Rinse and repeat. It's history on view and you only see the final product at the end, never before, so be patient.

    This tiny painting, started out blue and vulnerable but once I let go it ended up roaring it's way into a fierce, unabashed rainbow of freedom and expression. It was one tiny step on the road of my new self discovery as I figured some ish out in paint.

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