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  • Halos


    16"x 20"

    Mixed Media: Acrylic and Acrylic Ink



    Art reveals our hearts, don't you think so? And there is no place that I'd rather be on a warm, sunny day than in nature, just taking it in. How about you? ☀️

    My art is intuitive, letting go- I release what is inside of me on canvas. In my daydreams, I find myself wandering through patches of flowers absorbing the hues and scents, lying on sandy shores feeling the sun make its way across the sky by how it touches my back, and swimming in cool, glistening ocean waves that rock me gently. It could be up a mountain's path or by a stream, I am there in my mind and heart while I'm creating, and so are you when you fall into one of my pieces. I live out my muse in paint- brush strokes, line, form, texture and fluid media create wild and free spaces like the natural world. I hope that when you view my work, you also feel a sense of wonder, peace and joy, as I do. 🌱  This painting "Halos" is about how sunlight reverberates off of water, becoming an entity of beauty and awe in itself.

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