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Glowing depths
  • Glowing depths


    Inspired by a dream: I was alone, before me there was a pool. At my feet the water was shallow, glowing a milky azure. I stepped into the warm, silky water, walking forward, it rose around me. It was pleasant, peaceful, and soothing. Uninhibited and inquisitive, I slipped below the surface, pushing down into the depths. Phthalo blue and green wrapped around me, growing darker as I swam deeper. Suddenly, being surrounded by darkness, the light far off above, I had a tinge of fear. I looked out into the indigo stillness, feeling overwhelmed and lost. Then a small dim orb of light began to glow and fade as another took it's place, and still another. Soon the great expanse of darkness that had threatened to engulf me was now a place of unspeakable beauty, like a night sky glittering with a million stars and fireflies. Beauty and peace was not only restored it was enhanced.✨

    I hope that this painting serves as a beacon to remind you that in the darkest places there is light- and it exists within us, even in our dreams.

    "Glowing depths"
    Acrylic on canvas
    18 x 24"

    16"x 20"

    Mixed Media: Acrylic and Acrylic Ink



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