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Consider the Ravens
  • Consider the Ravens


    11"x 14"


    Canson Archival Paper


    Ravens- following me, my whole life. The word, the image, the bird itself- appearing in unexpected ways and reminding there's a bigger plan to all of this. Someone told me once they were my "spirit animal," must be? Some people think they are bad omens. Where others see them as vehicles of the Divine providing grace and saving mercies, I sure do. In my life they seem to usually show up during hard times, but with them, has come provision. Maybe that's it. If you stop short- looking only at the hardship you'll see a black bird lurking, but if you keep watching you'll find that it comes with blessings.

    There was no plan. I just kept exploring techniques, things that I was drawn to, the things that made me breathless. I love the wild abandon of the palette knife, big bold strokes- such an antithesis to the tiny size 0/16 brushes I had been wielding for these past years. I took full advantage of this renewed acquaintance and coarsely pushed the paint around, drawing it out and smearing it- following my intuition alone. Stepping back I was stunned to see what appeared to me like wings in motion, black beautiful wings flying freely. 

    Arrives matted in white.

    Total dimensions: 16 x 20."

    -Please reach out with further questions.

    -Free Domestic Shipping

    -Please inquire about International Shipping costs.


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